Welcome to Steffen Brothers Fly Rods


Welcome to the Steffen Brothers Fly Rod Company.  If you're looking for a unique fly fishing experience, you've come to the right place. Enjoy the feel of a Steffen Brothers fiberglass fly rod. Every Steffen Brothers fly rod is one of a limited edition.  Each blank is individually hand made using mandrels and equipment designed by us.  Each rod is individually hand finished and hand labeled. If you want a quality fly rod that is high performing, unique, and beautiful - there's nothing like a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod! 

There's nothing like a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod!

Why Buy a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod?


sbf homepageWhile many companies focus on long distance casting, Steffen Brothers Fly Rods offers an alternative.  Our rods are designed to cast and fish as well for short distances as for medium to long distances.  

Steffen Brothers Fly Rods offer flexibility in action depending on the line used. A  Steffen Brothers Fly Rod rated for a 4- or 5-weight line will have a softer feel and cast better short distances with a 5-weight line.  The same rod will have a faster feel and cast better further distances with a 4-weight line.